Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Time Blues

Yep, I've got The Summer Time Blues!   So tired of the heat :(.   You see I'm a Southern girl, born in East Texas and lived in my hometown of Greenville for 21 years so I should be able to handle the heat but not in August! 

  When I was younger (much younger) the hotter the weather the better.  Laying out in heat getting sunburned until I was scarlet in June and July and out in the heat for drill team pratice.
If you are a one of my Greenville friends, how many of you remember the Flaming Flashes.  Yep, I was one! Loved every minute of it and didn't mind spending hours dancing, marching, and kicking my legs above my head all for the thought of a great half time performace. BUT NOW!!!   No matter how much tea I drink ,what the thermostat is set on , and how many ceiling fans are whirling I'm still hot!!!

     You know it is hot when you see birds walking around with
their mouths open and you watch them sitting in the bird bath and not                                        
splashing around just sitting to cool themselves.   You know it is hot when you don't see kids outside playing.  You know it is hot when you open the lovely monthly bill from TXU !
    I really don't need to go on do I?                                                           

   Oh!  Least I forget, the weathermen just love to show
that 7 day forecast with all the bright full suns with the cool day of the week being the day it is only 101!   Please....I'm ready for this to end!!   You now it is hot when the morning temp is 80 degrees
and you think...Wow!   that sounds good!!!

Do you think it could be because I'm an AARP card carrying member?!??!  Was it really this hot when we were younger?  Or does it just seem hotter now?   Or was it because the cars we drove in the 70s...and yes I said 70s didn't have the lovely little digital thermometer on the dash that greets you with the temp of 116 when you get in your car at 5?   I don't know the answer but I know this Southern gal is ready for cool fall mornings and chilly fall nights.  

Burning up...and it isn't a hot flash!!  I'm past those!


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