Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Just Another Forwarded Email

We all get them...Read this, Forward this and you will get a call from a long lost friend before the day ends.    Read this, Forward this to seven friends in the next seven minutes to receive seven wishes...and on and on.....   I wonder how many of these forwards are out there in this cyber world we live in.

Well, this in NOT one of those forward this emails!   I received this this morning from a dear friend who heard this while listening to Joyce Meyer and she felt strongly that she share this.  Please take the time to read, you don't have to forward, and you will not be rich, thin, are beautiful in the next seven minutes but I do think it will make you think.....It did me.

Here is what my friend Carla shared with me...

I was listening to Joyce Meyer's this morning and this was put on my heart to share. " One way to bless your enemy is not talking bad about them. Don't tell everyone what they have done." She went on to say " Pray for God to deliver them." Then she explained why they hurt others "because there is something wrong on the inside of them, they are hurting from something that has happened in their life."  I know this may not sound realistic but if you really think about it haven't you been angry at what someone did to you and take it out on others by being mean or rude. Admit it, you know you've done it. I'm definitely guilty. Some people's hurt goes way deeper than they will admit. That's the part they need deliverance from God. Joyce continued with "when you pray for them it releases them and you. Release yourself from the bitterness & anger (for what the other person has done to you) and release God to start the double blessing in your life." Earlier she referenced the saying "you will get double for your trouble."

Kinda makes you think of "walk a mile in my shoes" or "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows but Jesus."    Or even better The Golden Rule  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Maybe just maybe if we all could remember this the next time we get ready to "even the score" or intentionally say something hurtful we will stop.


Words are like toothpaste...once out of the tube or mouth you can't put them back in!!

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