Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Ultimate Compliment......

    Those of you that know me know that I shy away from compliments and being recognized for things that I do.  In fact,  it is kinda embarrasing to me.  But tonight is 100% different.
I read something tonight on Ashley's blog that brought a huge tear to my eye. I saw what I think is the ultimate compliment any Mother can receive.  She said  "I'm becoming my Mother."

Now don't get me wrong!!!!  I'm no one special and I make mistake on top of mistake everyday.  I know there are things that I did as a Mom that I would like to have a "redo" on.

But to here her say she is becoming like me.  
What mother does not what her child to reflect the things that she cherishes. 

Daughters bring so much joy to your life.

Our daughter brought me another joy tonight.

I love you are an incredible daughter, wife, mommy and teacher!!!

~Janis  aka Mom!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What?  I know that is what you are asking!  or  Janis has finally totally lost it!

No, I have not lost it.  I know exactly what I'm talking about and you will be saying POLES, POLES, POLES, and more POLES after you read and understand.

  David and I went to the first session of a marriage enrichment class last night.  The series is by
Charles Lowery.   YES, marriage enrichment class after almost 34 years....   You can always
learn something new about anything.   I learned about POLES.   I'm not talking about a telephone
pole, a billboard pole, a light pole.....OH NO I'm talking about the walking, talking, breathing type


I have not lost my mind. know those things that challenge you like situations in life, people, children, friends, neighbors, customer service reps.....  Do I need to go on?

Dr. Lowery gave an illustration last night of how we focus on POLES in our lives.

  His young daughter was learning to ride her bicycle in a very,very large vacant parking lot and was so worried about the one pole on the far side of the parking lot that she just could not keep her mind off of the one pole and she ended up smacking in to it.

POLES...don't we worry about the one thing in our life that we can't control and end up running smack into it.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!   How many times do we have to SMACK into a POLE before we learn.  

We all took a pledge last night, to let go of the things that we cannot control.   We can't control the POLES in our lives so let go and let GOD handle all the poles.   

Did you notice that in the last sentence I didn't capitalize POLES.  Well when God is in control they are poles and we will hear no smacking sounds.   When we are in control ....  POLES, POLES, POLES....

Take the pledge....let go and let God take care of the poles!


Friday, August 13, 2010


I received a compliment from a friend tonight who has had a hard week.  She has no clue that I'm blogging tonight for her.  You see my friend had to make a hard decision this week.  She had to move her Dad into a retirement/nursing facility.  I've had to make the same hard decision for both my mother and daddy.  Having to take over the role of parent for your parents is hard, so very hard.  The compliment was that she asked me to blog because that always "picks her up".  

You know that I'm new at blogging and some days I don't have anything to share.  Well, tonight was one of those nights when I didn't have anything to share or so I thought until I read my friends request to blog.   She made me think about friends.  You see my friend and I don't get to spend a lot of time together but we have a connection, one of those special connections.  I can't really explain it but it is there.  I know part of that connection for me is that she loved my dear sweet daddy and my daddy loved her and her young daughter.  Another part of the connection for me is that I love this young daughter that has now grown into a beautiful young lady.  I mean beautiful....inside and outside.  What is her side of the connection...I don't know, maybe someday she will tell me and if she doesn't that is okay too because we are friends.

Friends....a rather small word that means so much.  I decided to  look at the definiton of friend on which I shared below. 


1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony.

3. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe?

4. a member of the same nation, party, etc.

5. ( initial capital letter ) a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.

–verb (used with object)

6. Rare . to befriend.


7. make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to.
Ahh...good old dictionary ......
all nice and number with the part of speech identified.  Well, my definition of friend is not all nice and numbered but it comes from the heart.
My definition of a Friend:
Always there for you.
Loves you whether you are pretty or not...I mean if you are sick and gross they still care about you.  I mean if you have been crying for days and are red and swollen they still care about you.
I mean if you are tired, frustrated, anger, upset, screaming, clawing...they still love you.
They love when you are high on the mountain and when you are in the lowest valley.
They celebrate with you when you succeed and listen to your broken heart when you fail.
They don't keep count of who called who are who texted who or whose turn it is to pay.
They see you at your worst but love you like you are at your best.
They tell you if they think you might be making a mistake.
They say "not so much" when you ask them if they like you new haircut.
They laugh with you when it might not be so funny because they know you want to cry.
They laugh with you and cry with you at the same time.
They get upset at those that have upset you.
They enjoying doing nothing with you but talking.
They enjoying sitting silently with you when you need silence.
They are willing to try to understand no matter what the circumstance may be at any given time.
They try to right a wrong for you.
They try to help you get thru all the wrongs that you endure.
They drink Diet Coke and eat Snickers with you.
Friends, I am blessed to have many.
Please take time to tell your friends that you love them.
P.S.  Love you Lawana and Shelby

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do I Feel My Age?

Okay, so tomorrow is the big day.  The BIG 54 Birthday!!!!
To answer my own question...Do I Feel My Age?  Well, I going to break it down for you.

Yes I feel my age when.....

The Alarm goes off and I have not been able to sleep very well or I've been up to go potty!!
I see one of the children that I took care of with a child of their own!
David and I ask for the Senior Discount.
I see my AARP card in my wallet.
1974 doesn't seem like a long time ago to me, but every one else in the room thinks it is the ICE AGE!
I mentioned an IBM Selectric Typewriter and NO ONE had a clue what I'm talking about.
And of course, last but not least when I look in the mirror  :(

I do not feel my age when....

I have Hartmann our grandson in my arms!
I see how many others my age are in such poor health.

Of course, I have listed more about when I do feel my age but you know age is just a number.  So I'm grateful that another will be added tomorrow.  

In case some of you reading this didn't know me when I was younger, I'm posting a picture of a myself with some of my good friends from high school.  I was seventeen in this picture.   Take a look and see if you can find me.  If you know me will have no problem finding me. 

Well...did you fine me?   Look again!

Yep, that is me third from the left putting bunny ears behind one of my friends.
I haven't changed a bit...Have I?   I always love having a good time with friends and thankful that God has blessed me with so many!!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

August 2009 - August 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, this is my birthday week so here is a list of things that I'm thankful for during this last year.

My family
My church
Another year of being CANCER FREE!
My friends
AND HARTMANN JAMES GURSKI, our first Grandchild

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Year Older... Another Year Wiser?

  This week I'll be celebrating another year left before that 55 Senior Discount kicks in!!
You know, I think I'm different from most people...LOL!!! 
 My friends are most likely rolling their eyes and laughing right now..saying are different Janis!!  But this is what I mean when I say I think I'm different.

   In general, I think as we get older we tend to be more narrow minded about things in life.  You know the examples..."Well he is just a young Whipper Snapper"  or  "They are not dry behind the ears" or "They are too young to know any better".   I know you have heard all the sayings that older people say about the younger generations and their ways.    Well, this is why I think I'm different.   I feel that I try to stay opened minded about new ways, new trends......

   I don't gasp when I see purple or pink streaks in someone's hair, jeans that a ripped to shreds, Lady Gaga and her lastest outfit ( not saying I'm going to be out shopping for the Lady Gaga look! ) 

    I feel I'm broadminded about music, I will listen to classical, country, pop, oldies, blues, jazz, rock, hard rock, blue grass, easy listening, christian, big band, elevator music...    But I refuse to  listen to rap because of the filthy language and the degrading comments made towards women, children and the value of the family.
   So I guess you may be wondering where I'm heading with this...

     Tattoos are where I find myself not being open minded.    While in McKinney yesterday, David and I were people watching while we were eating lunch.    Tattoos  on arms, legs, hands, necks, ears, toes and on behind sides from the age of 15 to 70 plus.  
    Not being educated at all about tattoos I came home and did a little research on tattoos.  You see the closest I have every came to getting a tattoo was when I started my radiation treatment phase for my breast cancer treatment.   When the radiation tech came in and stated she would be tattooing three small Xs on my breast to use as guides for the treatments.  I said "OH NO you are not tattooing my breast!   I chose to have three Xs marked on my breast with semi-permanent ink and they were covered with clear adhesive bandages for six weeks which were ripped off once a week and remarked and taped which not fun at all!   I'm sure this is why I have such a strong adversion to tattoos. I did find one common thread in the dozen articles I read about tattoos online.  The common thread being a ritualistic pratice.  I read articles ranging from The Smithsonian website  (which is very interesting to learn the history of tattoos to Tattoo Museum. com  which states the following:

                      For centuries, humans have used tattoos for a myriad of reasons - for magical protection, to relieve pain, for vengeance and to declare victory over an enemy. Historically, tattoos were created to beautify, shock, or humiliate and they could proclaim valor, religious belief, group solidarity, or personal independence. Tattoos are now part of everyday society with over 60% of all North Americans aged 18 to 30 years old having at least one tattoo.

Well, like I said at the first of this post...I'm different.  You will not be seeing a tattoo on this GrandMommy.   And before I offend anyone, I'm not saying tattoos are unchristian or immoral.
I'm just stating the fact that the only close encounter I have had with a tattoo was not a pleasant time in my life so if I don't get excited about seeing someone's new tattoo, please don't take it personal.

~ Janis

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Just Another Forwarded Email

We all get them...Read this, Forward this and you will get a call from a long lost friend before the day ends.    Read this, Forward this to seven friends in the next seven minutes to receive seven wishes...and on and on.....   I wonder how many of these forwards are out there in this cyber world we live in.

Well, this in NOT one of those forward this emails!   I received this this morning from a dear friend who heard this while listening to Joyce Meyer and she felt strongly that she share this.  Please take the time to read, you don't have to forward, and you will not be rich, thin, are beautiful in the next seven minutes but I do think it will make you think.....It did me.

Here is what my friend Carla shared with me...

I was listening to Joyce Meyer's this morning and this was put on my heart to share. " One way to bless your enemy is not talking bad about them. Don't tell everyone what they have done." She went on to say " Pray for God to deliver them." Then she explained why they hurt others "because there is something wrong on the inside of them, they are hurting from something that has happened in their life."  I know this may not sound realistic but if you really think about it haven't you been angry at what someone did to you and take it out on others by being mean or rude. Admit it, you know you've done it. I'm definitely guilty. Some people's hurt goes way deeper than they will admit. That's the part they need deliverance from God. Joyce continued with "when you pray for them it releases them and you. Release yourself from the bitterness & anger (for what the other person has done to you) and release God to start the double blessing in your life." Earlier she referenced the saying "you will get double for your trouble."

Kinda makes you think of "walk a mile in my shoes" or "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows but Jesus."    Or even better The Golden Rule  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Maybe just maybe if we all could remember this the next time we get ready to "even the score" or intentionally say something hurtful we will stop.


Words are like toothpaste...once out of the tube or mouth you can't put them back in!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Time Blues

Yep, I've got The Summer Time Blues!   So tired of the heat :(.   You see I'm a Southern girl, born in East Texas and lived in my hometown of Greenville for 21 years so I should be able to handle the heat but not in August! 

  When I was younger (much younger) the hotter the weather the better.  Laying out in heat getting sunburned until I was scarlet in June and July and out in the heat for drill team pratice.
If you are a one of my Greenville friends, how many of you remember the Flaming Flashes.  Yep, I was one! Loved every minute of it and didn't mind spending hours dancing, marching, and kicking my legs above my head all for the thought of a great half time performace. BUT NOW!!!   No matter how much tea I drink ,what the thermostat is set on , and how many ceiling fans are whirling I'm still hot!!!

     You know it is hot when you see birds walking around with
their mouths open and you watch them sitting in the bird bath and not                                        
splashing around just sitting to cool themselves.   You know it is hot when you don't see kids outside playing.  You know it is hot when you open the lovely monthly bill from TXU !
    I really don't need to go on do I?                                                           

   Oh!  Least I forget, the weathermen just love to show
that 7 day forecast with all the bright full suns with the cool day of the week being the day it is only 101!   Please....I'm ready for this to end!!   You now it is hot when the morning temp is 80 degrees
and you think...Wow!   that sounds good!!!

Do you think it could be because I'm an AARP card carrying member?!??!  Was it really this hot when we were younger?  Or does it just seem hotter now?   Or was it because the cars we drove in the 70s...and yes I said 70s didn't have the lovely little digital thermometer on the dash that greets you with the temp of 116 when you get in your car at 5?   I don't know the answer but I know this Southern gal is ready for cool fall mornings and chilly fall nights.  

Burning up...and it isn't a hot flash!!  I'm past those!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Little Buckaroo
My first attempt to post a picture to the blog.
This is Hartmann....

The cutest little guy!
We love him sooo much.
One of Those DAYS!!!!

  How many times have you heard someone say "I had one of Those DAYS!!!".   When I hear that said, I think OH NO what went wrong.  Isn't that what you think?    Well, today I had one of Those DAYS...but not in the way you might think.

  Today I had almost twelve hours with our sweet little man Hartmann James Gurski.   Ok, can't say I didn't warn you in my first post on my blog that you would be hearing and seeing a lot of Hart!   Twelve hours of the sweetest little guy!  Absolutely zero crying and NO I did not hold him all day.  In fact,  I started the day before eight am with Hart outside sitting in his rubber ducky mini pool and worked in my flower beds, or should I say pulling up dead flowers because no matter how much you water in August in Texas you don't have beautiful flowers!!!  He laughed and played and watched the birds and the sprinkler.  We met an old friend of mine at lunch and he entertained the entire place for an hour...never a tear, never a fuss...just smiles, coos, and lots of squeals of delight when someone would stop by the table and talk to him.    Nap problem, lay him in his crib and he goes to sleep.  Yes, that is right just lay him down he goes to sleep and wakes up with a smile on his face!

    How can you have such a good or should I say great baby?  Well, let me tell what I think! 
In life we all want to be talked to, listened to, corrected, praised, valued ,given quite alone time, given 100% of someone's attention when you want it and need it, reassured, liked, and loved...don't you agree?  Well, I believe that is why Hart is so good.   I give all the credit for his sweet disposition to his Mommy and Daddy.   They do all the above listed things and they do it when needed 100% of the time.

Is Hart spoiled?   I don't know that I agreed with the term spoiled when it comes to babies.  I believe if meeting their needs before anything else is spoiled...then Yes, he is spoiled.   BUT all babies should be spoiled if  the definition of spoiled is meeting their needs before anything else.    Can I get an Amen from somebody reading this blog.

   If we do not value our children's needs more than our own needs when they are young how can we expect them to grow into loving, caring, compassionate adults.  The foundation of a child's character depends on the input of their parents, grandparents, and other important caregivers in their young lives.

I don't mean to be up on my soapbox but only when parents fully realize that they are responsible for building that foundation in their children's lives of  reverence and love of God, compassion, kindness, respect, responsibilty ........will their children learn and become all they can be in life.

Well, like I promise this blog was going to be about everyday life!    Back to the real world tomorrow of work...but I want be forgetting this day of pure JOY for quite awhile and I will be checking the calendar tomorrow at work to see when I can have another "One of Those DAYS" with our little man again!


Grandchildren complete the circle of life.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

    My blog header now looks like it supposed too!   Thanks to Hartmann's Mommy a.k.a Ashley
Fletcher Gurski.    As I said in my first post, this blog is going to be about everyday life.

Today was a GREAT DAY!   Started off with Sunday School and Worship at North Park Baptist Church.  Our little church is alive!!!!   People are making life changing decisions in their lives.
It is not every Sunday you see five men from young teen to adult be baptized.  Exciting!

  Spent the afternoon in Ashley's Kindergaten classroom at Hart Elementary in Lucas,  LoveJoy ISD. Might I mention and EXEMPLARY Elementary School in an EXEMPLARY District. 

I love being in a K classroom.  Bright, Inviting, Crayons, Books, Books, Books,  did I mention BOOKS!
And of course, Hartmann came along.  I'm sure he will the smartest kid in his K class!  You know, that first day of K will be here long before his Mommy and GrandMommy are ready for it! How could it be he will soon be nine months old! 

  Speaking of time marching on....the calendar is turning another year for me this month.   So I celebrated today and bought myself my birthday present.    Haha...David want have to try to figure something out for me.  
    You know age, it is really not important.....Everyday is important.   Live everyday and enjoy
because life can change in a minute...we will talk more about that soon.


People are always asking about the good old days. I say, why don't you say the good now days? ~Robert M. Young

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My First Post

Well here goes.....The first post...
Today is Saturday, July 31, 2010.  I've been wanting to blog for awhile now but just haven't had the nerve to try. BUT today is the day.   Just a usual Saturday here with breakfast at home and David and I doing our favorite Saturday activity which is checking out the two Goodwill stores in Sherman and The Thrifty Thrift and the Denison Goodwill.  YES, we are Goodwill shoppers.  I'm sure many, many of our friends have no idea that we shop Goodwill.  You will be amazed at what you can find. YES, a lot of junk but there are treasures to be found every week.  You would be surprised!!   Just ask me.
This blog is going to be a true blog. Probably not real fancy until I get all the basics down. Thoughts and photos of our everyday life which will involve lots, lots, and lots of pictures of Hartmann and his process of growing up way to fast for this Grandmommy and Papa.  Hope you enjoy!