Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Year Older... Another Year Wiser?

  This week I'll be celebrating another year left before that 55 Senior Discount kicks in!!
You know, I think I'm different from most people...LOL!!! 
 My friends are most likely rolling their eyes and laughing right now..saying are different Janis!!  But this is what I mean when I say I think I'm different.

   In general, I think as we get older we tend to be more narrow minded about things in life.  You know the examples..."Well he is just a young Whipper Snapper"  or  "They are not dry behind the ears" or "They are too young to know any better".   I know you have heard all the sayings that older people say about the younger generations and their ways.    Well, this is why I think I'm different.   I feel that I try to stay opened minded about new ways, new trends......

   I don't gasp when I see purple or pink streaks in someone's hair, jeans that a ripped to shreds, Lady Gaga and her lastest outfit ( not saying I'm going to be out shopping for the Lady Gaga look! ) 

    I feel I'm broadminded about music, I will listen to classical, country, pop, oldies, blues, jazz, rock, hard rock, blue grass, easy listening, christian, big band, elevator music...    But I refuse to  listen to rap because of the filthy language and the degrading comments made towards women, children and the value of the family.
   So I guess you may be wondering where I'm heading with this...

     Tattoos are where I find myself not being open minded.    While in McKinney yesterday, David and I were people watching while we were eating lunch.    Tattoos  on arms, legs, hands, necks, ears, toes and on behind sides from the age of 15 to 70 plus.  
    Not being educated at all about tattoos I came home and did a little research on tattoos.  You see the closest I have every came to getting a tattoo was when I started my radiation treatment phase for my breast cancer treatment.   When the radiation tech came in and stated she would be tattooing three small Xs on my breast to use as guides for the treatments.  I said "OH NO you are not tattooing my breast!   I chose to have three Xs marked on my breast with semi-permanent ink and they were covered with clear adhesive bandages for six weeks which were ripped off once a week and remarked and taped which not fun at all!   I'm sure this is why I have such a strong adversion to tattoos. I did find one common thread in the dozen articles I read about tattoos online.  The common thread being a ritualistic pratice.  I read articles ranging from The Smithsonian website  (which is very interesting to learn the history of tattoos to Tattoo Museum. com  which states the following:

                      For centuries, humans have used tattoos for a myriad of reasons - for magical protection, to relieve pain, for vengeance and to declare victory over an enemy. Historically, tattoos were created to beautify, shock, or humiliate and they could proclaim valor, religious belief, group solidarity, or personal independence. Tattoos are now part of everyday society with over 60% of all North Americans aged 18 to 30 years old having at least one tattoo.

Well, like I said at the first of this post...I'm different.  You will not be seeing a tattoo on this GrandMommy.   And before I offend anyone, I'm not saying tattoos are unchristian or immoral.
I'm just stating the fact that the only close encounter I have had with a tattoo was not a pleasant time in my life so if I don't get excited about seeing someone's new tattoo, please don't take it personal.

~ Janis

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  1. I enjoyed your blog! I'm with you on the tattoo thing! I started a blog last year and decided it was too time consuming. That's when I switched to FB. Good luck with yours!