Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do I Feel My Age?

Okay, so tomorrow is the big day.  The BIG 54 Birthday!!!!
To answer my own question...Do I Feel My Age?  Well, I going to break it down for you.

Yes I feel my age when.....

The Alarm goes off and I have not been able to sleep very well or I've been up to go potty!!
I see one of the children that I took care of with a child of their own!
David and I ask for the Senior Discount.
I see my AARP card in my wallet.
1974 doesn't seem like a long time ago to me, but every one else in the room thinks it is the ICE AGE!
I mentioned an IBM Selectric Typewriter and NO ONE had a clue what I'm talking about.
And of course, last but not least when I look in the mirror  :(

I do not feel my age when....

I have Hartmann our grandson in my arms!
I see how many others my age are in such poor health.

Of course, I have listed more about when I do feel my age but you know age is just a number.  So I'm grateful that another will be added tomorrow.  

In case some of you reading this didn't know me when I was younger, I'm posting a picture of a myself with some of my good friends from high school.  I was seventeen in this picture.   Take a look and see if you can find me.  If you know me well...you will have no problem finding me. 

Well...did you fine me?   Look again!

Yep, that is me third from the left putting bunny ears behind one of my friends.
I haven't changed a bit...Have I?   I always love having a good time with friends and thankful that God has blessed me with so many!!!


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  1. Ashley looks a lot like you (from what I can see between the fingers). :) Fun picture!