Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of Those DAYS!!!!

  How many times have you heard someone say "I had one of Those DAYS!!!".   When I hear that said, I think OH NO what went wrong.  Isn't that what you think?    Well, today I had one of Those DAYS...but not in the way you might think.

  Today I had almost twelve hours with our sweet little man Hartmann James Gurski.   Ok, can't say I didn't warn you in my first post on my blog that you would be hearing and seeing a lot of Hart!   Twelve hours of the sweetest little guy!  Absolutely zero crying and NO I did not hold him all day.  In fact,  I started the day before eight am with Hart outside sitting in his rubber ducky mini pool and worked in my flower beds, or should I say pulling up dead flowers because no matter how much you water in August in Texas you don't have beautiful flowers!!!  He laughed and played and watched the birds and the sprinkler.  We met an old friend of mine at lunch and he entertained the entire place for an hour...never a tear, never a fuss...just smiles, coos, and lots of squeals of delight when someone would stop by the table and talk to him.    Nap time....no problem, lay him in his crib and he goes to sleep.  Yes, that is right just lay him down he goes to sleep and wakes up with a smile on his face!

    How can you have such a good or should I say great baby?  Well, let me tell what I think! 
In life we all want to be talked to, listened to, corrected, praised, valued ,given quite alone time, given 100% of someone's attention when you want it and need it, reassured, liked, and loved...don't you agree?  Well, I believe that is why Hart is so good.   I give all the credit for his sweet disposition to his Mommy and Daddy.   They do all the above listed things and they do it when needed 100% of the time.

Is Hart spoiled?   I don't know that I agreed with the term spoiled when it comes to babies.  I believe if meeting their needs before anything else is spoiled...then Yes, he is spoiled.   BUT all babies should be spoiled if  the definition of spoiled is meeting their needs before anything else.    Can I get an Amen from somebody reading this blog.

   If we do not value our children's needs more than our own needs when they are young how can we expect them to grow into loving, caring, compassionate adults.  The foundation of a child's character depends on the input of their parents, grandparents, and other important caregivers in their young lives.

I don't mean to be up on my soapbox but only when parents fully realize that they are responsible for building that foundation in their children's lives of  reverence and love of God, compassion, kindness, respect, responsibilty ........will their children learn and become all they can be in life.

Well, like I promise this blog was going to be about everyday life!    Back to the real world tomorrow of work...but I want be forgetting this day of pure JOY for quite awhile and I will be checking the calendar tomorrow at work to see when I can have another "One of Those DAYS" with our little man again!


Grandchildren complete the circle of life.


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  1. Amen, sister! Hart is one blessed baby, that's for sure! Love this, and your blog looks fanTABulous!!! I'm so excited to see you do this!