Wednesday, February 9, 2011

                           Remembering My Daddy
                    Also know as PAPAW

The anniversary of my Daddy's death known to many as Papaw is
coming up on February 18th.   It has been 8 years and not a day
goes by that I don't see something or someone that brings back a
memory of him.

If your Dad is still living make sure you spend every minute
you can with him.  You are blessed to have him.

To everyone that is reading this that knew my Daddy or Papaw
please know if he knew you, he loved you.  That's just the kind
of guy he was.  And if you had children...He LOVED your children.
He loved being Papaw to soo many kids.  They brought such
joy to him.

He was a great Daddy.  He taught me so much about everything.

And I mean see I was a "surprise".  I have
two older brothers they were 9 and 6 when I was born. So you
guessed it I was  SPOILED but not in a bratty way.
I was spoiled with his time and attention and you will
understand this when you keep reading.

Yep, I was Daddy's little girl and I'm still Daddy's little girl
54 years later.

Just want to name some of things my Daddy taught me while
he was SPOILING me.

Hope some of them will make you smile....

Daddy taught me to:

Fish...but no way was I putting the worm on the hook or
taking the fish off the hook.  And cleaning the fish.
NO WAY but he made me watch.

Frog gigging...I think that is how you spell it. Went once
and was scared to death!!!

How to have fun camping and sleeping in sandy
sleeping bags and swimming in cold spring feed

How to make compost including shoveling horse and sheep
poop! How to hold a pitchfork and not throw it when you
throw the hay.  Yes, I was dangerous with a pitchfork.

The difference between a water mocassin, a copperhead, and
a rattlesnake.  YIKES!!!  Scared to death of them but I know what
they look like!

How to find the perfect cedar tree in the woods to cut and
bring home for our Christmas tree.

How to tell if an apple, peach, pear, strawberry etc. was
ripe enough to pick.

How to shell blackeyed peas, snap green beans, and "thump"
a watermelon to see if it was ripe.

How to shake the limbs on a pecan tree to make the pecans
fall and how to tell a "green" pecan from a ripe pecan.  (Taught
me this after a terrible stomach ache from eating green pecans!)

How to shell pecans, how to graft native pecan trees with papershell
pecan saplings.

Names of trees, plants, flowers....he knew them all!

How to grow just about anything!  He had a super green thumb and
mine is getting greener every growing season.  You know I think he tends
to my flowerbeds from Heaven. 

How to deliver presents and food baskets to the needy at

How to drive a riding lawnmower and how to drive
a stick shift three speed on the column.

Birds, birds, birds.  The man knew them all and what they
like to eat and where they nest.  He use to drive me crazy
with all the facts...but today I know my birds.

AND MUSIC....he loved Country music.  He had the
radio on all the time in the car and the stereo on all
the time in the house.

So tonight in his honor you are listening to one of his favorites.

And if you knew my Daddy aka Papaw send a hug towards
heaven tonight to him.  He is smiling down on you.

Love you and still miss you Daddy,



  1. lol! I went frog gigging with him when I was a little girl, too! and also got one of everything they raised! Great people!
    Still love 'em

  2. Papaw, there are so many things I wish you were still here for. I wish you had seem me graduate college, met Josh, danced at my wedding, & met your precious grandson (that sometimes looks a bit like you!). You may be gone, but never forgotten. I carry you in my heart wherever I go.