Sunday, January 16, 2011

                                                 The Blessing of          
                                              Friends & Classmates
                          after 36 years.......

                                   The Meaning of  Friend  per Mr. Webster  
                                a person attached to another by feelings of
                                           affection or personal regard.

                              The Meaning of Classmates per Mr. Webster

                             a member of the same class at a school or college.

We all have friends, we all have classmates but how many of us are blessed with
classmates that are still friends after 36 years.   I feel there are few of us. That is why I'm
writing this post today to tell THE LADIES of GHS 74 how thankful I am to count all
of you as my friends after all these years!

We have come aloooooong way LADIES!!!!!

Ladies whose marriages that are still strong after 30 + years, Marriages that have crumbled....
Husbands that are our best friends, ExHusbands that have brought great grief....

Ladies that have lived their entire lives in Greenville, Ladies that left after high school
graduation to rarely return ....

Ladies who have lost Children.  We have suffered thru miscarriages, We have suffered from children we have lost to substance abuse, children we have lost to death.

Ladies whose Children have made us swell with pride, Children that have made us cry from our broken hearts for them...
And  Ladies whose children have blessed them with grandchildren.

Ladies who have lost their homes, Ladies that have lost their health and battled thru cancer and have survived!
 Ladies who have lost their parents, Ladies who have lost their siblings, and  yes, Ladies that have lost their way at times....

I think we the LADIES of GHS 74 can relate to many of the experiences I have listed above and
thru it all we are FRIENDS.....Yes, matter what we have experienced in these last 36 years we are still FRIENDS......I think we can all agree that is a  Blessing.


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  1. Oh what a sweet post. I am so thankful God made the woman soft but full of endurance. I am so thankful I get to be a woman.
    You have a lovely day.