Sunday, January 23, 2011

                                     Friends + Fellowship + Fire = FRUIT ?

Okay, I know another catchy title to get you to stop a moment and read this post.
You may be saying you are carrying alliteration a little to far!  But in today's world
where we are bombarded with information at every turn sometimes if the title
of an article or the 10 second sound bite of a newsclip does not catch my eye
or ear I do not pause to read or listen.

You may be saying how does Friends + Fellowship + Fire = Fruit?
Well, just slow down and read since I have your attention now!

My previous post was about a very special group of friends.
(pssst....this would be a good time to stop reading this post and
read the previous post.)
We have named ourselves the LADIES OF GHS 74.   We are ladies
that graduated with each other from Greenville High School in Greenville,
Texas in 1974.  I really don't know how large of group of Ladies we could
be but we are continuing to reconnect with our former classmates and the
group grows each time we get together. 

Now that I got you up to speed I tell you what the title of this post is all about.

Friends, yes we are friends even after all these years.
Some of these ladies I have know since Kindergarten
some I did not meet until High School.  Doesn't matter how long we have known
each other we are still friends.

                                   Miss Jodie Thompson's Kindergarten Class 
If you know me you'll see me immediately the first one on the left on the bottom
row with my mouth wide open....Go ahead make the comment, Yep that is Janis

Fellowship:  friendly relationship; companionship

Our fellowship is much more than a friendly relationship or companionship.   Our
fellowship runs deep, life long thru all the circumstances in our lives over all
these years. (2nd psssttt....if you didn't read the previous post, you need to!)

We  know how to              F  E  L   L  O  W  S  H  I  P !!!!!!


   Now the serious part of this post.  One of GHS Ladies of 74 lost her home two
weeks ago.  They lost all their material possessions and their home BUT praise
GOD they are got out safely.

This is an actual picture of her home....JUST one photo of what is left of her home to help
all of us that have never experienced a house fire to understand a little bit of the devastation
that they are experiencing on top of memories of being awaken in the early morning
hours to find themselves in their home engulfed with raging fire and smoke......


Galatians 6:2
Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Proverbs 3:27-29 (MSG) Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God's hand for that person. Don't tell your neighbor "Maybe some other time" or "Try me tomorrow" when the money's right there in your pocket.

I've told you we are friends, I've shown you the fellowship and the FIRE and now I'm
so grateful to have experienced seeing the FRUIT of our Friendship.

I believe GOD intervened last night at the GHS Ladies of 74 fellowship and opened
our hearts and our wallets to give generously to our friend and classmate.  I had thought
about posting the amount that was given, but then thought NO!  It is not about the
amount it is about the gift.   The gift of friendship....



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  1. What a neat formula. Thanks for your sweet blog comments on my grace post :)!